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About Us

I love the feel of good, clean soap and natural products on my skin. I didn't realize how much I loved that until I started making and using my own handcrafted soap, in my kitchen, mostly as a way to do something creative in the summer without passing out in my garden in the Texas heat! (It gets really hot here in Texas in the summer).


I work in small batches, so each grouping of the soaps you see here is unique and each usually starts from a labor of love -- does a grandchild need a soothing, gentle soap for baby-sensitive skin? Could friends (we are of a certain age) need a soap that moisturizes and adds nutrients to maturing skin? Do my younger nieces and nephews need a product that reduces oiliness and cleans deep down (like my charcoal blend)? Maybe my overly stressed daughters could use a calming, soothing bath bomb to ease their tensions away after a long day of kids, work and life. Do others just want a bar that looks pretty and smells great for their bathrooms? 


It's all here, and the people I love are always in my mind when I begin mixing.  


My company is named after a creek that runs through my Texas neighborhood. When the oak branches curve over that creek in the summer, it's calming and beautiful, and inspires. 


Thanks for visiting. I hope you like what you see. 

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